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The history of our institutions goes back to the year 2003. The history of our institutions began in 2003. Non-Public Kindergarten Smyk was the first private kindergarten in our town and the second one in our province and, at the same time, it was the beginning of the idea of continuity and integrity of education - the road "from kindergarten to secondary school".

The role of the precursor is not easy, but owing to persistence, hard work and high quality of services provided, Non-Public Primary School named after Stanisław Konarski was founded in 2007, followed by Non-Public High School named after Stanisław Konarski in 2013 and in 2016 by Non-Public Secondary School named after Stanisław Konarski.

The past years meant enormity of challenges and experiences. Since the beginning we have been wiping routes, looking for inspiration, improving workshop and culture of the organization, "growing" together with our students
and most importantly, we are invariably enthusiastic about education.

Our priority is the high level of education, comprehensive development and proper upbringing. We undertake a lot of interesting initiatives, we pursue the program of bilingual education, participate in international projects, we take care of the development of social and civic competences, and such an important nowadays attitude of social commitment. We are open to any activity that serves the school community, and, at the same time, we gladly  change and develop for our students - active, smart and open to the world young people, who know how to fulfill dreams and "reach for the stars”.

Our greatest achievements in education are undoubtedly very good results in the sixth form test and the high-school exam and the place in the the 9th - the highest percentage rank among several best schools in Poland. The high level of provided services has been confirmed by obtaining the Quality Certificates of the National Forum of Non-Public Education Additionally, in the area of education and initiatives supporting the learning process, a lot of our activities have been recognized as examples of "good practice", solutions and ideas that are worth reproducing and implementing in other schools. A success for us is also the fact that we create a place of positive emotions, safe, friendly and modern, that our community is constantly growing, and we have managed to establish a brand and gain respect in the local environment.

For detailed information about our kindergarten and schools, please contact us by e-mail - sekretariat@edukacja.org.pl and you are welcome to visit our office.



Our guests about schools:

"Only the fact that this school takes part every year in AIESEC projects and gives its students the opportunity to get to know with foreign cultures and people and expand their horizons, makes this school one of the best in the region. This school is made of great teachers, remarkable kids, and modern facilities. Most surprisingly, the level of English is just amazing, just imagine gymnasium kids almost fluent in English by the age of 16 (and thats a really big deal). I will not forget my experience sharing my culture there, 10/10 best school in the region."  Francesko Beqiri, Albania

"Hello guys, it's Cristopher from Venezuela. I wanted to say that I had a great week working with you and I am so glad for that opportunity. You are amazing and great people. I hope you keep up your excellence and have more opportunities like this. We can Make !t Possible! Greetings and my best wishes for you." Cristopher Corobo, Venezuela

"It was really a privilege to work in this institution. The students are disciplined and they are proficient in the English language. The teachers are hospitable and accommodating. I am very much impressed that they made the school not only for the students to listen on lectures and answer exams, but also for students to feel at home and engage in different international activities such as AIESEC projects. Given the chance to be a volunteer again, I would always choose to work in this school. Keep up the good work and dziękuję for the great experience I had!" Miica Esteron, Philippines

"A great school, made by great structure and great people. Truly remarcable." Pedro Miguel, Brasil

"I really enjoyed sharing my culture and things about my country during my AIESEC internship with the students of this school. Their level of English, German and Spanish is amazing and this makes the interaction more interesting. The school is really nice and with a lot of modern facilities I have only left to thank the amazing staff and teachers that made possible this experience."
Leslie Leyva, Mexico

"The school where children's smile are as bright as the sun"  Ryo Miyazaki, Japan

"This is a school, where you can be teacher, student and friend at same time. Everything was so amazing, it is really imposinle to explain with words. First day with new students is always difficult, but I didn't feel these difficulties with them. What can I say? Good equipment, professional staff, very smart students. Thank you for this one week. I hope I'll be back. Best regards"
Zviadi Revishvili, Georgia

"No doubt it's a great school and kindergarten too!!!!" Blair Jin, China

"Hello! I am Theo from Greece and I had the great chance to be in this school by participating to a project of AIESEC. I can say that my experience in the school was very good. The students and the teachers welcomed me and they were opened to meet my culture. The building is very beautiful and has also all the new equipment that is useful for someone who wants to use projector, interactive board etc. I want to thank all the students and the teachers that the gave me the chance to meet them. Papa!" 
Theodor Kafounis, Greace

"Hello I am Hajar IDRISSI from Morocco. I had the chance to be an exchange participant with AIESEC SGH within a project named : Peace Cross Cultural Understanding. I had the opportunity to spend a whole week at Niepubliczne Gimnazjum school. With no denial, I liked the school, the teachers and most importantly the students. They were very talented, respectful and fluent in the English language. Nothing to say than thank you so much for being engaged with such cultural projects which are of benefits for the students at that age."  Hajar Idrissi, Morocco

"I want to say that this school is the best place for getting education. I worked there during a week and it is very hard for me to leave this school and children . You are very lovely and clever children . Hope to see you in the future . Best wishes from Georgia. Truly remarcable." Ana Sakandelidze, Georgia